Hotel Regente opened it's doors back in 1950 at the heart of Gran Via, the major shopping avenue in Spain's capital. Today it remains one of the more emblematic hotels in Madrid, thanks to its central location and grand architecture.
Early in 2011 the hotel initiated a dramatic make over both in terms of architecture and design.
The project asked to create a global branding concept that would cover the whole spectrum of the hotel's communication, which included among others: logos, wallpaper designs, internal + external + elevator signage, digital information monitors, coffee shop / restaurant menus, and all printed media. 
Our aim was to recover some of the hotel's original character and heritage that had been lost during the last re-design in the 1990's, and so we searched the hotel's vaults to recover photographs and documents dating back to the 50`s. We came across a patch from one of the original uniforms, from which we recovered the original logo. The next step would be to update and simplify the logo and it's typography.
We worked in close relation with the architects and interior decorators, which provided us with clues as the final style, colors and textures for the project. We extracted from those clues the colors and finishes for all the elements of communication, creating thus a stationary range that blends in perfectly with its surroundings.

Concept and creative direction Rodrigo Aguadé
Development and supervision Manuel Astorga 
Images by Daniel Schäfer
Hotel Regente