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Tiempo lento y perezoso


This is one of those books that can be enjoyed by little ones due their artwork and interaction, and by older ones because of its knowledge, or the lack of it. It is a summary of emotions, an introspective view at the kid that lies inside all of us, and above all what I wanted to say to that kid from the grown-up point of view that I have now.

This trip is taken by a group of kids, that go through a series of tests and learnings, every page is accompanied by a quote and interactions which invite the reader to become part of the learning of those kids, as if we were teaching ourselves something that we actually ignore.

In the same way as the classic fairy tales, this book hides deep knowledge, nuanced within a series of quotes and characters. The main objective is not to understand everything about this book, because I’m sure that neither I as the author can do it, this book is something that is meant to be enjoyed and if as result it makes you smile, remember something or learn anything, I could consider my mission accomplished.
Update: 16/06/14
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Tiempo lento y perezoso

Tiempo lento y perezoso

"Lo eterno es así no porque nunca se aleje de ti, sino porque puedes decidir que en ti, viva por siempre"