All started from the call from Ron Diamond from ACME filmworks production company. When he described briefly the plot and cast we were absolutely amazed ! We definitely wanted to be a part of this production. They also really liked our other animations, especially the Pillars of the earth title sequence 

Creative process started from reading scripts for the first three segment. We had to gather all kinds of information and references.

Than we had creative call with The Path creators and producers (Jason, Jessica, Michael and Devin).  We have discussed the important accents and symbols. It really helped us in later idea development. They gave us a lot of freedom in design and concepts. We had internal brainstorm in our studio, and get to work with super positive attitude.  After couple of days we had five different concepts for the title sequence to show. Final concept was a mix of different ideas and different concepts at the end.

Every single concepts refered to different things. From south American Indian art and sixties psychedelia  to  paintings from masters like Francis Bacon, Pablo Picasso and Rene Magritte who we always admired. We are always inspired by great Polish posters designers naming few: Henryk Tomaszewski, Romuald Socha, Jan Młodożeniec. Lots of pictures from natural phenomena and disasters to outstanding photos of nature. We were receiving photos from the set while they were shooting.
We actually didnt make animation to the music. It came later, but surprisingly it just fit in the sequence perfect !
It was really fun but also challenging project, because of the classic gouache painted technique that we developed for that project.

There is a lot of symbols and metaphors that we had made in final animation. Starting form begging. Mountain- are the closest we can get to the heaven. It is direct connection of beginning of the Path movement. Tornado, Fire and water - three destructive elements. Snake - It is a symbol of life and reborn, and for the others it is symbol of death or sin. Growing trees, plants it is  symbol of development, life and knowledge. many others symbols
PRODUCER: Acme Filmworks Ron Diamond, Tara Beyhm
CREATION and IDEA: Michal Socha, Kuba Socha,
Mateusz Krygier
REALIZATION: BrosFX: 2D animation, compositing, supervising