Animated Fashion film created for collection of Hiroshi Fujiwara. Part of Moncler Genius project, the premiere took place in Mediolan Fashion week.  
Everything started from the unexpected call during our summer holiday that we had at the sea coast. We had creative call with our producer Ron Diamond from Acme and Moncler representative  Chiara, Elena and Diana. It really helped us in later idea development. They gave us a absolut freedom in design and concepts.  The one condition was to show eight looks of collection by Hiroshi Fujiwara. Who is by the way goodfather of streetwear, Dj, creator of Fragment Design, lover of punk music that collaborated with Nike, Stussy, Louis Vuitton, Levi's. We just instantly new that collaboration would be awesome.
We brainstormed at the beach, and later at night we have borrowed laptop from illustator Kasia Księżopolska. In few days we prepared couple of concepts with strong scripts. They really loved one version that was later precisely developed. it contained elements such as water, fire, wind, explosion, live action shoot, dragon, horse and even dogs. Pretty cool, but how the hell are we going to do it in such short deadline !
On Set behind the scenes 
We knew we have to produce and direct shooting set with professional actors and professional crew. So the video could be a reference for animation. It was really cool challenge due to the fact, that we specialize mostly in animation
The key to success was work with the best artist, film-makers who happened to be our friends. Amazing work of director of photography Maciek Grzybowski help us soo much during the shot day. We had very small but super productive crew
Sometimes the simplest aproach is the best aproach
After edit with soundtrack in Adobe Premiere we could start work on animation. We knew exactly how scenes should look like even before the shoot. Michal designed colour key that was very handy for later process. ​​​​​​​
Actor Jacek Tarkawian Amazing dance performace edit
We asked our talented artist friends such as Mariusz Arczewski, Olga Brańska, Letko team and Kasia Księzopolska to help us with frame by frame animation done in photoshop for selected shots to meet the deadline. They have done really great work. Finally we comped all the elements in After Effect.  We are very happy with the final result !!!
Jacek Tarkawian, Adam Fidusiewicz

Director, Concept: Michał Socha, Kuba Socha
Art Director: Michał Socha
Animation and postpoduction studio: BrosFX, Michal Socha, Kuba Socha, Bartek Socha
Special Tech Development: Bartek Socha
Producer: Ron Diamond ACME Filmworks, Brosfx
Production team: Kuba Socha, Michał Socha, Wojtek Hotówko Hot Labs
Animation, 3D Animation, Compositing : Michał Socha, Kuba Socha
2d Painters: Mariusz Arczewski, Olga Brańska, Katarzyna Księzopolska, Michal Socha, Jakub Socha,
Co Production: Piotr szczepanowicz, Jakub Karwowski, Animation: Marta Magnurska, Anna Chrzanowska, Production manager: Anna Głowik

Director: Michał Socha, Kuba Socha
Director of Photography: Maciej Grzybowski
Camera Operator: Krzysztof Trela
Gaffer: Maciej Bedyk
Production Manager: Wojtek Hotówko Hotlabs
Style&Beauty: Rita Zimmermann
Style Assistant: Józefina Loy
Casting: Rita Zimmerman, Józefina loy
Making Off : Katarzyna Księżopolska, Karolina Henke
Camera Equipment by:Paweł Łukomski - Studio 35

Author of the song - Fasion "Oooh"
Music Producer: Epidemic Sound
MONCLER - Fashion Film animation

MONCLER - Fashion Film animation

Animated fashion Film for MONCLER FRAGMENT for colection by Hiroshi Fujiwara. 


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