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TNSC – São Carlos Season 2017–18
TNSC – Teatro Nacional de São Carlos 
Identity for the 2017–18 Season

Located in the heart of Lisbon, Teatro Nacional de São Carlos is one of the most relevant performance institutions in Portugal. It covers a programme of Operas and Classical music concerts, being the home of the National Symphonic Orchestra (OSP). Its neoclassical building also hosts one of the most beautiful theatre rooms in the country.

We were invited by artistic director Patrick Dickie, assistant Mafalda Gouveia and Media & Communication director Raquel Maló to help the institution define a new path for their communication, starting with the campaigns for the 2017–18 season. 

After an analysis of the communication's visual structure of the last couple of years, we've come to the conclusion that our intervention for São Carlos should be focused on two main points: 1. defining a visual language able to be both unique and easily identifiable with the institution, 2. update its communication to a contemporary visual tone. It was not just a matter of operating a visual refresh, we felt it would be vital to create a clean sheet for the new season – a simple canvas from where we could further develop throughout time. 

We’ve started by defining a raw and strong visual language based on simple principles – the use of contrast through two typefaces and two colours – which allowed us to code the Lyrical season (Operas) in a grotesque font over a white background, and the Symphonic season (Orchestra and chamber music concerts) on a contrasted serif over a black background. Those graphic rules were combined with a new content strategy, in which the focus of the communication should assume an highlight of the season's most relevant composers. 

First posters, Programme leaflet, Press Kit 
and Opening Concert brochure

New flags and canvases on the Theatre's building

Outdoor poster campaigns followed the same logic. The composer's names are displayed on the same hierarchy as the Opera's titles and extra colours were added to create variations without interfering with the simple structure.

We wanted the programme book to be an interesting journey of different moments and rhythms, and above all, a standpoint of the new direction the communication is taking. We've chosen a slim format to create an elegant environment for the information, but went for a super glossy paper on the cover with huge typography for a bold first impact – definitely not what the São Carlos audience was used to. The Swiss binding allowed us to create the next element of surprise with a beautiful photograph printed on the inside of the flaps. Only after this initial shock can the reader go through its contents. 

This season is about pushing the level for the in-house audience but also bringing some of the performances on tour through different theatres in Portugal, which made us decide to edit the contents sequence in order for this to be naturally understood. The programme itself starts with an introductory text to the season by the artistic director, followed by a visual introduction of São Carlos' empty room, printed in black over a shiny silver background, setting the stage for the next section – the Opera (Lyrical Season) programme. All seven operas follow the same structure and slow pace – a title page, a spread for the synopsis and credits list, and another double page with a photograph that creates visual context of the atmosphere of each piece, rather than a direct interpretation of the action.

Next comes the Symphonic season, and the programme and synopsis for the classical concerts – most of them outside of São Carlos –, which naturally makes the next section another visual navigation through the rooms of all the touring venues, again printed on black over a silver background.

The smaller programme sections come after it – Community, Chamber Music, OSP with the National Ballet Company, Young Portuguese Composers and Guided Tours. Following the season's guideline to highlight the composers, we also wanted to bring some attention to the performers, which lead us to create a section with all the conductors and musicians names from the National Symphonic Orchestra and São Carlos Choir. A map of the room, the tickets pricing table and a chronological calendar of the season compose the final section and become the end point for this journey.              

Teatro Nacional de São Carlos
Artistic Director
Patrick Dickie
Mafalda Gouveia
Media and Communication Director
Raquel Maló

Season 2017–18 Campaigns
Art Direction, Strategy and Design
Non–verbal club

Metro Poster Photography
courtesy of MOP

Season 2017–18 Programme Book
Art Direction, Editing and Design
Non–verbal club

Introductory and 
Lyrical Season Photography
Dinis Santos

Photography Credits
Coliseu dos Recreios
João Octávio Peixoto
João Tuna
CC Olga Cadaval
Paulo Nogueira
Nuno F. Duarte
Ricardo Oliveira Alves
Bruno Simão
David Rodrigues

The programme object 
photographs used in this presentation
were made by Dinis Santos

© 2017–18 Non–verbal Club

TNSC – São Carlos Season 2017–18
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Non-Verbal Club

TNSC – São Carlos Season 2017–18

Art Direction, Campaigns, Graphic and Editorial design for the 2017–18 season of Teatro Nacional de São Carlos in Lisbon.