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Porto Academy 2019 – Newspaper
Porto Academy 2018
– Newspaper design

Following the workshop we've coordinated and conducted during the 2017 edition of Porto Academy, we've realised we needed a smarter and practical strategy to showcase the studios' activity during the 2018 summer school. By the time we were discussing a new plan for this edition, we've quickly came to the conclusion that making a newspaper would be the best solution to fit both the timing and production costs we were dealing with.

Rather than focusing on a in detail display of the students results separated in a booklet for each studio, we felt it would be better to reveal a panorama of the whole experience of Porto Academy as a week long intensive programme, where a diversified group of people work on different approaches to contemporary architecture problems and approaches. From there, we've drafted a simple editorial structure able to display an introductory text to the summer school's premises, list the name of all the participants, introduce the brief and imagery of some explorations of each of the studio's projects, and finally, a couple of contextual photographs of Porto Academy.

The result is a 32 pages newspaper, set in a three column grid, using strong typographic scale contrasts to create both rhythm and structure, leaving room for a very loose use of imagery while being able to hold together a very diversified set of contents.

Art direction & design
Nonverbal Club

Porto Academy
Founders & Directors
Amélia Brandão & Rodrigo Costa Lima

Studio Coordinators
Adamo Faiden
Arquitectura G
Fran Silvestre
Ling Hao
Luís Urbano
Manuel Cervantes
June 14 – Mayer-Grohbrügge & Chermayeff
Sauter Von Moos
Stephen Taylor

It's – Ivo Tavares Studio

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Porto Academy 2019 – Newspaper

Porto Academy 2019 – Newspaper

32 pages newspaper designed for Porto Academy 2018, set in a three column grid, using strong typographic scale contrasts to create both rhythm an Read More