Logistics App for Dairy Farm -UX Research
Logistics App for Dairy 
Yum Dairy(name changed) is a dairy farm located around Coimbatore. Currently their products are farm fresh milk, curd and ghee door delivered to the homes in Coimbatore. Their products are delivered in glass bottles, which are sterilized, hygienic and more Eco-friendlier.
The logistics team takes care of delivery management. The current app is supposed to ease their delivery process and management, enable accurate reporting and enhance customer satisfaction.

Delivery Process
- The delivery manager provides a list with customer name, address, quantity, product. (Incase the customer has opted for cash on delivery, that will be mentioned in the sheet along with the price.) 
- The Logistics person, verifies the products lined for delivery against the provided list. 
- Takes a count of these and loads them into the delivery vehicle, which is either a Maruthi Omni or a Carrier Auto. 
- The route map is provided by the delivery manager, which is supposed to be followed by the logistics person. 
- Every customer will be provided with a bottle holder when they place their first order. 
- The logistics person will go to each of the house, collect the old bottles placed outside the house and replaces with the fresh filled product the customer has opted for. The logistics guy will make an entry in the app that the product is delivered to the customer.
- In case of cash-on-delivery, he will have to wait for someone in the house to come out and collect the cash. Cash entry will be done using the app.
- Once all products are delivered, the logistics guy will go back to office, Provide the delivery report, cash collected if any, returns the empty bottles, which will be counted by the manager.
- Number of broken glasses if any will be noted.
Persona Creation
Creation of Customer Journey as a Story board
List of Various Scenarios

Scenarios for Change in Route Map
•Some customers might pause delivery for a few days
•Change in delivery address
•Road renewal or maintenance works

Scenarios for Payment
•Customers have paid online
•Customer has paid for the regular plan. Customer opts Cash on delivery for additional products
•Customer opts Cash on delivery for all products
•Payment is done in cash for the entire month
•Payment balance to be returned next day, due to no currency change
Payment balance to be adjusted for next month, due to no currency change

Scenarios for returning old bottles, that needs to be noted by Danush
•Old bottle not placed in the collection tray
•Old bottle is broken or damaged
•Partial number of old bottle is placed in the tray

Scenarios for Providing bottle holders to customer
•New customers are provided bottle holders, when they register and opt for the plan. The list provided during delivery will have the customer details.  Danush needs to get a delivery approval from customer.

Scenarios Product delivery
•Some customers, opt for DND, which means just drop the bottles in the holder and move on. Do not disturb or ring the door bell.
•Some customers explicitly request for hand delivery.
Understanding the behaviors and emotional states of Danush
Emotional State: The text marked in red are the critical factors to be considered
Defining Problem Statement
Current app does not allow to change the routes as per the need. 
Making delivery entry is a problem as he has to search name and enter for each house. 
Broken glass bottles or no old bottles placed cannot be marked. 
No option for adding cash on delivery\
Cash collection should be manually calculated and verified
Task Flows and Information Architecture
Pencil Sketches 
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Logistics App for Dairy Farm -UX Research

Logistics App for Dairy Farm -UX Research


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