Leave Management Application
Research Analysis

•The Organization has an existing tool, which satisfies the basic leave management workflow
•The Organization wants to build a LMS automating all possible processes and reduce manpower
•The application should be smart enough to do predictive analysis of leave patterns
•The application should have simple  intutive dashboard style interfaces, where a user gets a glimse of his activities
•The existing system is slow and has long steps to apply for leave and is time consuming
•Only one approver can be added, which causes issues when there are multiple reporting mangers
•HR processing is not integrated with the LMS. Manual intervention required
Business Goal
To have a simple, intuitive self serviced system, that would help the organization achieve the following goals:
•To reduce the time taken by the employees to apply monitor and manage leaves by 30%
•To  reduce additional leave related tasks for employees during, after or before leave period
•To reduce the HR dependencies and processing time by 50%
•To reduce the time taken by HR for the year end processing by 30%
•To reduce paper usage and paperwork by 80%
•To  have one single dashboard interface that would allow the HR to create configurable flexible leave plans, approval workflow, Leave policy documentation, employee configurations
•To Enable managers to have a leave tracking pattern through predictive analysis
Scenario 1:  Anu gets a call from Radha that her baby is sick and asks her to retun home immediately
Scenario 2:  Abhi is unwell. He informs his manager, Ajay that he would be applying for sick leave. He applies for leave on the portal, but forgets to set Out of Office reply in his mail box

Abhi is working on a very important module and the client had requested for a review meeting. Abhi had accepted the meeting request. . Abhi misses to inform his program manager, Lara about his leave plan. Lara is under the opinion that the meeting would still continue and was unaware of Abhi’s leave.
Scenario 3:  Anu, is planning to go on a four week vacation to Singapore,  to spend time with her sister who lives  there.
Consolidated User Goals
•To have a responsive application, which can be accessed by any device which is configured to use the organization’s intranet
•Simple intutive Dashboards, that provide a quick seek peak on their leaves
•Minimalistic Design with good usable interfaces
•Integration with Mail server and calanders
•Multiple approvers
•Well defined workflows
•Modular and eaily configurable system
•Integration with HR systems such as payroll and Exit Management
•Well defined business rules
•Provide feedback of actions that have been taken
•We believe that having a responsive web application for leave management for employees will achieve lower delayed leave application.
             –We will know this is true  when we see higher leave application from mobile devices and increase of timely leave application by 50%
•We believe that having a intutive, minimalistic  dashboard Interface for employees will decrease the time consumed for leave application and tracking
           –We will know this is true  when we see 40% decrease in timespent in the application
•We believe that integrating Mail system and calenders with the LMS will increase customer satisfaction and team co-ordination.
          –We will know this is true  when we see no-response escalation from clients and team members reduces by 75%
•We believe that having a feature to add multiple approvers will help us keep all our managers infomred of the leave plan of employees, which will reduce all major Planning and communication issues
         –We will know this is true  when we see escalations from program or delivery managers on leave approvals reduces by 100%
Features on Employee Dashboard
•No Explicit login required on office provided devices
•Provide a summary on Employee Dashboard
•Employee should be able to apply for Leave
•Employee should be able to Cancel applied leave
•Employee should be able to Track status of recently applied leaved
•Employee should be able to view a leave summary
•Information regarding business rules associated with each type of leave should be shown to user
•Leave application should interface with the email system and prompt user with setting OOO messages and also notify the meetings scheduled during the planned days of leave
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Component Design
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Leave Management Application

Leave Management Application


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