Best of illustrations
I decided to gather a selection of my favorite-best illustrations (well in my opinion at least) from various personal and client projects I’ve made over the past few years. It’s kind of a mini portfolio, an introduction, a way for people to see who I am as an illustrator in one project. For those who don’t know me, my style as I like to say, is like a hybrid of the De Stijl movement and Pop Art. Artists like Mondrian and Lichtenstein have been some of my main inspirations. I have also been inspired growing up by the graffiti scene around the world. Some of my illustrations are quite abstract and others more conceptual. My style is usually quite geometric with bold lines, various patterns and not too much detail. Hope you enjoy what you see. I will be updating this project with more works in the future.

Peacock: Personal illustration
Santorini: Part of my Greek stamps collection
Red Umbrella: Personal illustration (Also available as an original painting)
Manarola: Poster for the TravelInk exhibition
Boat: Part of my Greek stamps collection
Charlie Chaplin: Part of my abstract portraits collection
Michael Jackson: Part of my abstract portraits collection
Home: Personal illustration
Lumen: Personal illustration
Riding through clouds: Poster for the BikeArt exhibition
Zeus: Illustration made for the package design of Elo soaps
Mount Fuji: Part of my Around the World illustrations
Koufonisi: Greek island inspired illustration
Miami: Personal illustration
Not the Norm: Illustration for a Youtube channel
Mirror: Personal illustration
BB8: Part of my robot series
Offshore wind turbine: Illustration for ENGIE power produced and supplier
Personal illustration inspired by the Blade Runner movie
Sydney: Part of my Around the World series
Flamingo: Personal illustration
Autumn leaves: Personal illustration
Illustration made for Dior
Back to the future: Poster made for the FlimInk exhibition
Knossos - Crete: Made for Pils Hellas online campaign
Windmills - Mykonos: Made for Pils Hellas online campaign
Giraffe: Personal illustration
Best of illustrations

Best of illustrations

A collection of my best illustrations from the last few years from both personal and client work.


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