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    Brand Identity for Bike v Design
B I K E  V   D E S I G N
Mark Bloom of Mash Creative explains the rationale behind the Bike V Design branding:

"I have known Alice for a number of years now ever since she worked at Design Museum. I was
recently commissioned by Alice to create the brand identity for her new venture Bike V Design - BVD commission and produce events exploring and celebrating bicycle design and culture - the first event was held at the Design Museum earlier this year and was a great success.

Alice wanted me to create an identity for BVD that would not only speak to the biking community as a whole but would also work equally well when used as a social media icon and on merchandise. The result is a memorable logo marque which incorporates the initials b, v and d. The overall shape was also influenced by the basic shapes that form a bicycle, this being two wheels (circles) and a seat (triangle). A colour scheme of fluorescent orange, teamed with white and grey make for an eye-catching combination."

In addition to the identity, Mash Creative also produced a promotional flyer, printed in fluro orange and white ink on greyboard stock and expertly printed by Print Project