KLO – is a gas station network, located in Kiev. The situation on the market is simple – consumer wants to put the fuel of the best quality. The fact is – KLO represents one of the best Europe's fuel manufacturers – Orlen.
The message of the campaign says – this is the fuel of noble birth, no less.

The Bear
The Eagle
The Lion

First we need some inspiration and references.
Next step was to make sketches of heraldic coats of arms, considering all the stylization details.
Every coat of arms has its unique visual identity elements.
When we are happy with the sketches it is time for the 3d sculpting.
Next is the work with shaders and lighting.
 At last, we add backgrounds and some final touches.
Client: KLO
Agency: Michurin
Creative Director: Dmitry Bolsunovsky
Copywriter: Sergey Mikhaylov

Image Production: Looma
Art Director: Sergey Prokopchuk
Sketches: Olexa Andrushenko
Sculpting: Yurii Tikhonovsky
Shading&Lighting: Alexander Dokuchaev
Retouching: Denis Kryvosheya

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KLO: Heraldry