Making a typeface that one hundred million people see every day is no small task.

Plau partnered with Rede Globo’s creative team to do just that. The result is Globotipo, a 3-style, 30-font super family created to refreshed and expand the typographic voice for Brazil’s ultimate broadcaster. Check out the video case above or scroll to learn more. 

Exploring Globotipo’s potential as a variable font.

Globotipo Rounded: an evolution of Globo’s iconic type voice created by Hans Donner.

Globotipo Text: a micro-rounded style that strike a more serious tone.

Globotipo Condensed: a space-saving width variation of Globotipo Text.

Early explorations.

Top to bottom: 1. Widths; 2. Tab and Lining Figures; 3. Multi-platform typography; 4. Effects stress-test

Globotipo goes from sweet to serious in a micro-kern. Still from Jornal Nacional.

The fonts are used in Brazil's main newscast: Jornal Nacional

Still from the opening sequence of SP1 shows creative variety with weight contrast. 

A well-known Brazilian news anchor showing off the typeface details :)

Above and below: samples courtesy of Rede Globo’s communication team.

Read an in-depth story about this project at Plau’s Blog (in English).
Leia um artigo em português contando todos os detalhes deste projeto no Blog da Plau.
Creative director: Sérgio Valente, Mariana Sá
Art directors: Washington Teotônio, Alexandre Romano, Christiano Calvet, Felipe Bellintani
Type DesignPlau — Rodrigo Saiani
Graphic DesignPlau — Carlos Mignot, Daniel Rocha, Rodrigo Saiani, Flora de Carvalho, Lucas Campoi, Gabriel Galc.
Hinting: Anke Bonk, Tanja Henze, Monika Bartels — Fontwerk
Planning: Carla Sá
Strategic manager: Bernardo Magalhães
Executive production: Fernanda Deway
Making-of footage: Marcello Cavalcanti

Globotipo - Rede Globo custom type family

Globotipo - Rede Globo custom type family

Collaboration between Plau and Rede Globo, Globotipo is the evolution of Globo’s typographic voice, a family of 30 fonts, made exclusively for Re Read More


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