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    An app for Datum Labs, a Barkley Company, that allows clients to manage and configure data settings for their brand.
Datum Suite — Data Management Web Application

Datum Key is the primary source of information, acting as a hub for business intelligence. Currently, all reporting and data input/output is currently being input manually on a per client basis by Datum themselves. 

The stated goal is to create an easy to use interface for clients to create, upload and manage data without manual intervention from Datum themselves. Current market focus, which is based on current client base, is healthcare (small to mid-size organizations) and Advertising Agencies. With hopes of expanding to other mid-size business looking to leverage owned client data. The current Datum Key interface is very technical and needs to be refined as much as possible to allow for average users to be able to effectively, and as error free as possible, input their own data. 

My Roles
Interaction Design — Prototyping — UI Design — Client Collaboration — Branding — Accessibility — Testing and Iterating Collaboration — Discovery Oversight

Team Roles
Development — User Testing — Applied Research — Discovery Workshops — Wireframing — Personas — Requirements