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    Product design from concept through to manufacture for a UK entrepreneur.
Eezee Feeder is a simple product to assist in lifting pet feeding bowls off the ground.

This is significant for people who experience pain or discomfort when bending down, particularly the elderly or injured.

The client, an NHS nurse, had witnessed the despair of pet-owners as they tried to feed their hungry little companions. She even saw them pouring food from a standing height into (and all around) the pet bowls. Realise Design came up with this delightfully simple product to allow users to pick up, fill and lower a pair of detachable bowls with ease.

Whilst the final product is very simple, the process to simplify the design was anything but!

The bowls had to be easy to remove and wash, but had to hold firm when mounted onto the pole. The manufacturing cost had to be relatively low, with the number of parts kept to a minimum. After exploring several totally different ways of lifting the bowls, we all agreed that this was the simplest, cheapest and best looking!