American Airlines Internal Aircraft maintenance revamp
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American Airlines Aircraft Maintenance Software
We were tasked with revamping the aircraft maintenance quadrant of American Airlines. The biggest problem that we had to solve was parts were going missing. To solve this problem we really had to take a deeper look at were the gaps in the entire process existed. 
Previous System That Is Being Revamped
This is the current system being used for Parts Picking of the American Airlines aircraft maintenance system. I know, it reminds you of Oregon Trail, doesn't it!
Whiteboards and Sticky Notes
We wanted to introduce Design Thinking to a 91 year old company. So we figured using it to solve a $3.2 Million dollar problem might not be such a bad idea.  In this whiteboard session, we go deep and broad to try and find out exactly what the problem in the parts picking process is. 
Paper Prototype
We wanted to test in the cheapest way possible this way we get faster results and can iterate at a high velocity. Using a lo-fi paper prototype to get user feedback was essential to our success in the project.