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    This project involves redesigning the current company website to make the site more engaging and visually pleasing for their clients, customers, … Read More
    This project involves redesigning the current company website to make the site more engaging and visually pleasing for their clients, customers, and potential clients. Read Less
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Kind Words:

Our website, before Fringe came to the rescue, was boring, tired, and just plain uninteresting. We needed help in a big way and I mean everything: new pics, new copy, new functionality, new social media exposure, and also a completely new SEO strategy. All of this was sub-par and we knew it–life before fringe was colorless.

Early on I had two objections. One was that Fringe was a new company and that Ryan couldn't deliver all the needs we had. I've worked with young companies before and it's always been the same–over promise, under deliver–but that wasn't the case with Fringe Design. The ball exited the ballpark quickly for us in working with Ryan. We knew we were a perfect fit when he gave us a questionnaire to complete first. This told me he was serious about our needs and he was serious about understanding our business, which leads me to my next concern. My second concern was that this project would be a transaction for Fringe, and we'd be forgotten as soon as our check was cashed. Again, my worry was squelched quickly with the continuous follow up and even post project services offered by Fringe.

Fully explain your fears to Ryan about web design. The thing that impressed me was if he didn't immediately know the answer, he wasn't afraid to say so and then go find it. I would tell any friend to call Ryan and have a candid conversation about your needs.

Working with Fringe was a superb experience, honestly, I learned a ton.  I learned about SEO, web presence compared to my competition, and how my marketing efforts were to dovetail with my online message. The communication with Fringe was excellent. Nothing fell off the table, so to speak, throughout the project, and Ryan was about as genuine as they come. We could tell that he truly cared about us and our business. I've been a part of many business projects, but working with Fringe Design ranks as my best experience.

The only delay in the project was due to me holding up the timeline!  But Ryan forgives me : )

Ryan gave us new life and helped us boost our relationships with our clients! In a tough year with not much to differentiate one company to the next, we desperately needed an edge over the competition. For us it meant one thing, we needed to capture our client's attention online (our point of sale) and deliver a 'Wow' experience. We needed an SEO strategy, a new web presence to match our marketing efforts, easier navigation, and most of all we needed someone we could trust. Our search for answers was complete when we met Ryan and Fringe Design.  Ryan dug right into understanding our business, and in fact, we gave Ryan direct access to our clients–the end users. They were flattered to have us implement their feedback and recommendations.  Since our new launch, the rave reviews are piling up fast, and we're seeing our profits do the same. We owe Fringe Design a debt of gratitude.

- Todd Sorrel, Owner & President
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