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    This project was born out of a need for an industry niche website to capture all the various articles, resources, and events that were occuring s… Read More
    This project was born out of a need for an industry niche website to capture all the various articles, resources, and events that were occuring so that companies and professionals within the industry can stay easily updated on the latest happenings. This project involved building an industry resource website with a highly customized content management system to help them easily manage the site. Read Less

Kind Words:

In the past, the web developers I worked with took a more hands-off approach. While in the end, they delivered what was expected, there was very little communication throughout the process. Even if the developer allowed the marketing and design departments to develop concept and content with minimal limitations, effective communication was not present which lead to hiccups in the project that could have been prevented. I appreciated the weekly meetings, and even more frequent updates with what was going on.  As I tend to take a hands-on approach to everything that I do, Fringe was a good fit for us.

Initially, I was concerned about finding a developer who would be a good fit for Pinnacle and who could produce the specific results we were looking for. Our company, and our marketing department in particular, often knows exactly what it is that we want, and it is sometimes hard to find someone who is willing to be flexible to fit our needs. From the outset, Ryan was willing to work with all of our requirements for our website, and continued to be flexible with us as the project, and our needs, evolved.

It is difficult to find a good developer to work with, and working with Ryan was like having another member of the team, during the duration of this project. I appreciate that he made himself accessible in case I had any questions (which I frequently did) about the technical details regarding how the design and functionality could be most effective, what options we had for certain features, etc.

The decision to choose Fringe for our website development needs was a favorable one. At the outset of the project, Ryan took care in understanding our company, our target markets, and our objectives for the site before developing the project plan. Taking the time to do this research at the beginning was critical to the success and effectiveness of our project.

I was happy to see that Ryan’s hands-on approach was carried on for the duration of the project, showing a real commitment to providing our company with the best result possible. Ryan demonstrated a real commitment to us as a client by providing frequent updates and meeting deadlines as scheduled. In addition, Ryan made himself very available if at any point we had any questions or concerns.

I feel that we achieved a better end result than we would have with another company. Ryan was very knowledgeable and was able to recommend effective solutions for our unique challenges that we never would have thought of. Overall, we were pleased with the results at the end of the project, and I would refer Ryan to others who are looking for help with their website design needs in the future.

Overall, our experience was an extremely positive one. We made a very effective team and I enjoyed learning a little bit about Wordpress and web development with Ryan. He has a lot to offer, and I wish him the very best!

-Ashley Seddon, Solutions Associate
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