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    A series of hand lettered infographics, also referred to as sketchnotes, illustrating some key takeaways from 3 meetings of The Futur Pro Group.
'Scaling to one million dollars' - The Futur Pro Group topic, hosted by Chris Do
The Futur Pro Group
Hand Lettered Infographic
The Problem: I have a lot to learn. There is always another book to read, course to complete, lecture to attend, etc. One such source of valuable information is The Futur - an channel this covers topics relating to the craft and business of design. As a member of The Futur pro group, I have access to even more information.

I needed something better than the conventional note taking I learned back in grade school (where retention for a few weeks/months was sufficient). I needed to learn, retain and apply key concepts. I wanted to share these insights with anyone like myself who was trying to grow as a design professional.
The Solution: Graphical recording, also referred to as 'sketchnoting', is a note taking process that combines traditional writing with hand lettering techniques and low-fidelity 'doodles' to capture, process and document key information in a way that improves retention and produces notes that are easy (and FUN!) to reference and share.