Five weeks, full autonomy and a totally open brief. That was the sight that greeted us as we entered the final Yoobee assignment of the year: our big studio project. Basically, we could do anything we desired, provided it justifiably, quantifiably amounted to five whole weeks of hard work. Pulling together threads from, well, most of the briefs I did in 2012, I created a multi-part 'Adventure Pack' for 8-13 year olds, featuring a group of cosmos characters I never felt I'd done enough with: the bold adventurers of Explorers Inc.!

The pack comprises an Explorers Inc. comic book about rainforests; a set of six collector cards; an A3 poster; a fill-in-your-name-here membership certificate; and even a working compass! The whole thing is bundled up in a sturdy, fold-open box rendered in the style of those old leather-bound, gold type / decoration stamped hardback natural history books; complete with a (velcro) clasp on the side to hold it closed. Putting it together wasn't easy (cutting the circular window in the lid took a loooong time), but I think it came out pretty darn good.....
1) Front of Adventure Pack, closed, showing die-cut window with working compass
2) Adventure Pack, open, showing contents (compass, collector cards,
poster, membership certificate, comic book)
3) Top of box, open, showing faux 'book pages' design around outside of inner tray
4) Set of six 'Cosmosian Critter Collector Cards': successive volumes of the Adventure
Pack series would feature further sets of cards to collect
5) Explorers Inc. membership certificate
6) Detail of fold-out poster (based on design of comic book cover)
8) Spreads from the Adventure Pack comic
9) Visual diary and examples of original art created for this project