RIOT’s task was to build and launch a modern telemedicine platform, which allows its users to take complex care of their health without even leaving their houses.


HouseMed is a start-up company connected closely to Diagnostyka, the biggest network of stationary medical laboratories in Poland. HouseMed was established in order to meet the needs of contemporary clients who are used to ordering goods online, directly to their homes. In a few years, HouseMed aims to become a default telehealth platform, which enables its users to take care of their health without leaving their houses.


HouseMed approached us when the MVP project was jeopardized. Within three months we managed to get it up and running again, after improving the overall user experience and rewriting the platform almost from scratch. That way we managed to launch the basic feature of the platform – laboratory results online consultation. Making sure that the project is safe, we went on to build other key features: medical consultations, ordering house visits and an ecommerce platform, where patients can buy necessary laboratory tests


Due to the fact that HouseMed’s solution is so innovative, working on the project was preceded with serious preparation in user research field.
In order to learn more about medical staff’s current situation and their work, we carried out a qualitative research (inquiry) and a quantitative one (interviews).

The visual layer of the interface also required thorough consideration, especially due to the variety of features and differentiation of the target audience group. We designed it to be as useful and inclusive as possible, while still looking professional and reliable enough to increase conversion.  

Design system

Considering the stage of development of the HouseMed’s business and current trends in mobile apps landscape (much fewer apps are downloaded at the moment), we decided to build the platform as a Progressive Web App.


Within a year we managed to save a project which was close to failing. We got it up and running and launched X key features: laboratory test results consultations, medical consultations, ordering house visits and ecommerce platform.

The solution we came up with allows nurses to flexibly manage their schedule, localization, and scope of provided services. On the other hand, patients can choose a suitable time of the visit, and also book a nurse that they already know. To enable the process of booking a house visit for user’s family members, like parents, grandparents or children, we created a module that allows adding their kin.

HouseMed users can also order blood (or other material) sampling and buy additional diagnostic tests. After receiving the results, the user can send them back to the diagnostician and consult them online. That way the entire process can be done without the patient leaving their house. 

The current design is comprehensive, and yet professional so that the users not only feel comfortable using it but also know that they can entrust the platform with their sensitive medical data. In addition, it is ultra light, which has a positive influence on performance and maintenance. 

Technologically, the project is highly innovative, due to the implementation of a Progressive Web App approach, which makes the platform much more inclusive. Users don’t have to download the app from Google Play or App Store and yet while using it, they still feel like the app was native.

We’re still working on more features – i.e. soon we’ll be introducing AI algorithms underneath. At the moment we’re constantly monitoring the behavior of the users and optimizing the service according to their needs (in line with the data-driven design approach) to make sure that they are provided with highest value possible.

Kraków, PL

Head of concept, Head of technology, UX specialist, Digital designer, Content designer, Creative developers, Manual tester, Digital producer

A comprehensive digital production including product strategy, creative direction, technical direction, design thinking, user research, ideation, user experience design, content design, visual design, back-end development, front-end development, quality control, and project management

October 2016 -> work is still in progress

Project was executed utilizing hybrid Agifall method (bi-weekly iterations, frequent feedback loops and personal meetings with the client paired with fixed deadline and budget)

Atlassian JIRA, Podio, G Suite, Google Forms, Google Docs, InVision, Adobe XD, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Google Drawings, Docker, Ruby on Rails, HTML, SCSS, JavaScript, React.js, Redux, Webpack

Housemed – Telehealth platform

Housemed – Telehealth platform

HouseMed is a start-up company connected closely to Diagnostyka, the biggest network of stationary medical laboratories in Poland. HouseMed was e Read More


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