RIOT’s task was to produce the technological layer for Poland’s first automated showcase apartment.


miastologia is a Polish start-up with a plan to revolutionize the housing construction industry in Europe. How? By selling apartments as products. Through the Internet. 

miastologia’s innovative business model is based on these three basic assumptions:

A product instead of a service
miastologia has designed and put on offer only two types of apartment: “m-2” (32 m2) and “m-4” (64 m2). Thanks to this, the apartments can be sold as products.

No traditional sales office
By moving the business to the Internet, the developer was able to leave out the large team that would be responsible for direct customer service.

Scalability of the business
Thanks to the digital transformation, the developer is able to maintain operational costs at a relatively low level, thereby offering high-quality construction at a reasonable price.

The apartments by Chmielna Street

Buying an apartment is often the most important, and also the single most expensive, decision in the lives of many people. In order to overcome this, a developer from Kraków decided to build Poland’s first automated showcase apartment and then invite future clients to view it.

The interactive showroom (see on Google Maps)

As RIOT, we consulted, designed, and implemented the technological layer of the showroom. Our design consisted of two basic parts: an access control system and a mobile app using a “microlocalization” mechanism. 

The access system works based on QR codes and an ultra-simple Raspberry Pi computer. In order to visit the apartment, a potential client simply has to download the QR code from the developer’s website or the mobile app, and then scan it using a reader located by the entrance to the showroom.

Raspberry Pi
After scanning the code, the doors open and, once inside, the potential client can explore the many functions and innovations on show in the apartment, all thanks to an intelligent mobile app which presents information according to location.
For example, when in the kitchen, the client receives information concerning the dishwasher or functionality of the stove hood, and when in the bathroom – information concerning the bathtub, shower, etc. Just as if the client is being shown around by a real person. This microlocalization is made possible using state-of-the-art Estimote beacons for the purposes of the automated guided tour.


In just a few months, we created a unique solution in the Internet of Things category which drastically reduces costs related to “manual” customer service and at the same time provides a modern image of the miastologia brand. The showroom has been tested and is ready to be launched.
Kraków, PL

+ RIOT: UX designer, digital designer, back-end developer, mobile developer, computer engineer, project manager, head of concept 
+ miastologia: product owner, copywriter, 3D generalist

requirements analysis, consulting, UX design, digital design, back-end development, mobile development, computer engineering, quality assurance, project management

March 2016 → September 2016

Project executed in accordance with Scrum (agile) methodology, personal meetings with the client + remote collaboration in the Podio project management system

Photoshop, Illustrator, Sketch, Invision, SVG, QR codes, Raspberry Pi, Python, IoT, beacons, BLE, React Native, Mailchimp, Git, Github, Podio
Miastologia – An interactive showroom

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Miastologia – An interactive showroom

As RIOT, we consulted, designed, and implemented the technological layer of the showroom. Our design consisted of two basic parts: an access cont Read More

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