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    A small booklet that aims to reach the cause of growing numbers of anxiety and depression in modern society.
The Void 
In this piece the relationship between generalised anxiety, depression and the philosophical notion of nothingness is explored through both text, typography and image. The booklet is intended for high functioning, repeat sufferers of the disorder and suggests ways in which the difficulty can be reframed through an exploration of values and moral baggage, personal beliefs and an understanding of ‘reality’ as it is. 
The booklet utilises the tropes and visual cues of the Vanitas painters, and brings those concepts forward to the present day aesthetic. Although the images are at first aggressive,further investigation reflect the need for an understanding of the implications of meaninglessness, nothingness and being. In Buddhist term, an acceptance of the Void.
Overall the booklet suggests that we may not be able to control, solve or remove anxiety and depression from our life, but through existential reevaluation we can accept the events for what they are. 
FF Fago Pro, Roti STD
Alternate interpretations of the spread.