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    A mural that was painted as part of an arts renovation in Bethania, Australia.
 This painting was undertaken at the request of a dear friend, Sabrina, who is in the process of turning her entire cottage style home into a creative expression of herself and her family.

The changes she has made are not just the ordinary renovation tasks, but a holistic form of personalised arts and craft blended with her own brand of contemporary expression. The task has been an amazing journey of ups and downs for Sabrina, as she has found and lost love, shared her life with friends and family, and encountered many successes and many failures. The detail and passion that has been inserted to the cottage as a work of art is astounding, and has created a completely unique personality that delights and inspires all visitors.

It was an exciting opportunity when when Sabrina invited me to paint the mural, and it has become one of my favourite pieces ever since. The painting overlaps three walls of the room, and was completed over a six month period. The one wall shown here was selected for show as it is the primary focus of the room, and acts as a piece of art that enlivens the darker side of the cottage. The room lies at the end of the hall, and in the evening the light can be left on so that the painting can be viewed from the main living area.

I hope you like it.