If you’ve heard of Badoo, then you’ve almost definitely heard of our parties. Even our
CEO openly admits how crazy they are, and the first party is one of the most exciting
days in your Badoo career.

With more and more people joining our team, and word about our parties continuing
to spread worldwide, we decided to create the ‘Badoo Survival kit.

Naturally, it’s purple and white, meaning you’ll even be on brand when fighting off your hangover the next day. Also included is a sleep mask, a power bank (so you can keep swiping!), alka-seltzer, a headache cure and of course a Badoo IPA. Because what’s the best way to get over your last party? Starting the next one..

graphic designer - Sasha Ivanov
project manager -Sasha Grishin
photographer - Jack Kermer

designed in Badoo 2017