New Badoo identity
Heart of Badoo

As we approached our 10th year at Badoo we felt we’d accomplished a lot in the world of dating apps. Over the years we’ve created the best tools to connect people in interesting and fun ways in 41 languages and 190 countries around the world. We’re constantly experimenting with technology and functionalities and we put our speed and delivery above all else. But with rapid growth and continuous development of technology came some side effects.

Our branding started to lack a sense of identity, personality and most of all consistency around the world. Not only did our identity not match up but we noticed we were also being viewed as a cold ‘tech’ company and not a company that connected emotionally with its audience, not to mention connected millions around the world!

We started by analysing our visual identity and investigating what our brand looked like around world. We noticed that our style and look was different online, offline, in Russia, in the UK and everywhere in between. It was so messy! We took to the drawing board and experimented with loads of new colours, styles and ideas. We stripped away the chaos of multiple colours, the circles and experimented with many bold colours and new typography etc
In choosing our brand colours, we wanted to do something different. The current market is saturated with unoriginal reds and blues. Purple, however, is distinctive and bold, just like Badoo’s presence in dating. In creating the accompanying orange heart, we took ownership of the most iconic symbol of meaningful connections and made it our own. While the strong purple reflects the longevity and innovation of Badoo, the orange heart stands out vibrantly as the playful side to our dating network. Plus, it’s also kind of cute.
We also locked down our brand identity by creating a strong brand bible that made sure everyone around the world was on the same page when talking about us. The bible includes our mission statement, brand values, tone of voice and personality.
New Badoo identity
Multiple Owners
Sasha Ivanov