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Gluu IO
Gluu IO
Connect your favorite apps with powerful APIs

Gluu IO was a SaaS product that enabled users to connect their favorite software with data processing APIs.

In three simple steps non-technical users could connect

- Mailchimp with FullContact API to know more about their subscribers
- Twitter Search with Text Analysis API to find out what the sentiment is about their brand
- Dropbox folder with OCR API to turn scans into text

I was the architect and lead developer of the app. My main task was to facilitate maximum simplification of app workflow for the user.

Project duration: 9 months

Technologies used: MongoDB, NodeJS, Express.JS, JQuery, Twitter Bootstrap.

Unique features: an algorithm whose task was to limit the amount of requests per given time. It was essential in tackling throttling policies of API vendors.

For use case examples check Gluu's blog.
Gluu IO
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Multiple Owners
Adrian Kalbarczyk