Multi-snooker app
or how to play snooker on an 8-ball table

Recently my family started to play billiard a lot. They bought an 8-ball table to gain some skills with cues and balls, but the problem was that billard is a game for two, while there are 4 of us to play. To avoid fights over who plays first and who needs to wait, we had to figure out a way to play with 4 to 5 players at once!
After some time, we ended up with pretty nice rules that bring some skill to the table and is fun at the same time.

I authored the app from scratch (UI, UX, game logic), the rules were designed by the whole family. This is a simple app to help me teach others the basics of building mobile apps in React Native.

Project duration: a few days

Technologies used: React Native, Redux, Immutable.JS, Expo

Unique features: the code is open sourced and available at and it's fun to play!