Drunk Sailer Stippling Brushes for Adobe Illustrator
Drunk Sailor Stippling Brush Pack
A collection of fast and easy stippling brushes, liner brushes, and specialty brushes for Adobe Illustrator (with iPad Pro and Apple Pencil support).

Stop giving yourself carpal tunnel with repetitive stippling work. Use the Drunk Sailor | Vector Stippling Brush Pack to add the stippling effects of your dreams in seconds.

Say hello to the Drunk Sailor Stippling and Liner Brush pack. Perfect for spicing up your illustrations fast.

Here’s what’s included in the pack:

• 38 stippling brushes made from real pen and bristol board.
• 20 pen liner illustrator brushes with subtle stroke variation.
• 5 speciality brushes including ropes, stars, and dots.
• 3 Illustrator files of the preview artwork to get ideas and inspiration.
• 1 easy to follow instruction guide on how to install Illustrator brushes.
• 1 quick reference brush guide to quickly preview every brush up close.
• Works with both a mouse and iPad Pro/Apple Pencil
• Compatible with Adobe Illustrator CC and CS6
• FREE updates for life.

Here's why these are the best stippling brushes for Illustrator:

• Made using real stippling brush techniques taught in art school.
• Works with a mouse, tablet, or iPad Pro and Apple Pencil.
• Pressure sensitivity gives you 100% control (great for getting into small areas).
• Seamless stippling textures so you don't have to worry about weird seams.
• Created using bristol board and micron pens scanned in at 600 DPI.
• Tons of variations based on stippling, pointillism, dot art, and dot tattoos.
• Includes stippling brushes for edges, transitions, and filling areas.
• Easily change the color of your brushes.
• Designed for easy layering to create the exact effect you want.


Compatibility Adobe CC or Adobe CS6
Drunk Sailor is a set of art, scatter and pattern brushes made exclusively for Adobe Illustrator. Loading them is quick and easy (and we've included a simple installation guide).

iPad Pro and Apple Pencil
I've been playing with these brushes almost exclusively with my iPad Pro and Apple Pencil and it works like a dream. The brushes are pressure sensitive and it speeds up my workflow. I use screen sharing software like Astropad (Standard) or Duet connected to my iMac via Bluetooth.

Wacom Tablet
Any type of Wacom tablet you currently use with Illustrator will work as well. Note: it won't magically make a 20 year old Wacom tablet work if it didn't work for other stuff  ¯(ツ)/¯

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Drunk Sailer Stippling Brushes for Adobe Illustrator

Drunk Sailer Stippling Brushes for Adobe Illustrator



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