I wanted to connect the name of the brand with a synonym for “eating”. The outcome of this was a combination of “Jack” and “Snack”. The short and real name was improved by the claim “Outdoor Food” so that it is discernible immediately what product it is.

The food can is surrounded by two chambers: one filled with water, one with calcium chloride. At the bottom side is a button that is combined with two sticks inside the calcium chloride chamber. If you push the button the sticks will bore through the divider. The mix of water and calcium chloride will heat the whole can in 10 minutes.

On the packages you can see sentimental outdoor motives, each matching the current sort with its colour. Therefore the customer immediate feels like nature and wants to test the product.

On the reverse side is an instruction how to heat the tin, tapestried in an simple info graphic.

Above that is always a short story matching to the picture the front side. First of all it tells the location and the coordinates. A short sentence that tells about how the little black man (shown on the front side) experiences this location with the Jack Snack follows. This should increase the thirst for adventure in addition.

On the lid is a so called “Spoon”, a combination of a real spoon and a fork. So you have everything you need to have your meal. If you take the “Spoon” the lip tells you to “enjoy your meal!” before you open the tin and eat the meal.

In the Snack bag you can place up to four Jack Snacks. Attached at a backpack there will be more space inside for all the other needed things on the way. Empty cans can be transported inside the bag to the next bin. Because of the soil-resisting material it's very easy to clean.

The Jack Snacks are stacked as a mountain on the sales booth. Beneath in a shelf are the Snack Bags.