Mistery is range of decorative cosmetics tailor-made for men. The products provide men with a fresh and appealing look with no traces of make-up.

The logo stems from a portmanteau combining the words “Mister” and “mystery”. The letters MR – in other words, the abbreviation for “Mister” – is supplemented by the letter “y” from the word “mystery”, thus creating the distinct brand name “mistery”.

The idea behind this was to find a word or a brand name that describes both the male appearance and the almost invisible make-up at the same time: the word "mistery" single-handedly reveals the man's secret of his radiant presence.

Mistery supports organizations that provide help for male victims of domestic violence.

Why did I choose such a charity? Simple: Just like a face can be "covered" in make-up, female violence and abuse against men is also often "covered up". The victims are often too ashamed to speak out; and friends and colleagues seldom recognize the signs of domestic abuse. Breaking the silence on this issue is absolutely essential!

A portion of the proceeds on each and every mistery product sold will be donated to the MANNdat initiative. MANNdat is a support group for abused men, serving as a first point of contact, providing psychological care and aid in breaking the cycle of violence.

The products do not betray their true nature as make-up articles at first sight: Camouflaged as high-classed fountain pens, they contain any one of several possible cosmetics products in place of a regular quill.

The pen's outer packaging is kept simple, with only the most essential information on the contents provided.

Every article is labelled with a two-letter abbreviation and a color value - for example the "MU" stands for "Make-Up", while the number "01" denotes the so-called "Brad Pitt Skin", meaning a specific hue for lighter skin types. There are only two colors, which ultimately eliminates tiresome comparisons between, say, three different shades of beige, but instead will lead you directly to the best choice for your individual skin type.

Opening the box will reveal the actual item. Only the logo is engraved, so nothing will point to the product's true nature as a make-up article. A clip on the cap will ensure that the pen can be carried safely and comfortably in any breast or shirt pocket.

The basic values of quality, performance, beauty and trendiness are supplemented by the differentiating values of reliability, integrity and, of course, discretion.