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    What is a home?
For most of us in this part of the world, it is indeed a real blessing to have a proper rooftop over our heads, that we seek shelter from, from the elements, and the occasional solace from the craziness of the world out there. This album is just a reminder to myself, about how lucky I am, to not only have one place that I can call home, but a second one, that I would qualify occasionally too as my second home. Although the environment and the things that I do here are significantly different, but it nonetheless, offers an alternate living space for me, and on those rare occasions, do give me some solace for personal and professional self-reflection.

This album is a collation of pictures that I took to remind myself about this alternate living space that I have. Not only as a reminder of how lucky I am, but also one to make me realise about the flexibility of what a home is.

Irfan Darian