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A collection of logo marks I've designed.
This materials technology company – a spin off from WR Grace – produces construction and packaging materials.
HR Consulting Firm
A mark for a healthcare provider catering to the military and their families. 
A Baltimore-based insurance company focused on underserved markets.
Baltimore Substance Abuse Systems administers millions of state and city drug treatment program funds.
Custom home builder moving into the luxury home market.
A progressive law firm in DC. By moving away from the ubiquitous ampersand, I suggested they become "a positive force for the common good."
A program promoting women's direct involvement in their reproductive and economic health.
A firm specializing in internal communications consulting.
An organization supporting the needs of homeless men.
A company that places occupational and physical therapists as well as speech pathologist in primary and secondary schools throughout the country, freeing people from their disabilities and freeing therapists to grow their careers.
A motor coach service between Washington DC and Rehoboth Beach, Delaware. 
A management consulting company focused on manufacturing.
An organization supporting the people and families battling cancer by connecting them to each other.
 A non-profit focused on promoting LGBT equality through United States foreign policy.
 A dental insurance provider.