— En Fácil y En Chileno

Banco Estado is the national state bank of Chile, it's main goal is to bring banking solutions and productos for all of it's citizens, no matter where they from, how much money they won, it's main goal is to give everyone the chance of having a bank.

This year Banco Estado wanted to renew it's campaign for their banking education program called En Fácil y en Chileno, with a campaign that could explain in simple words what this is and what tools they have for it's clients to learn how to take care of their money in simple words.

TBWA\Chile was tasked with creating the brand new campaign for the 2017/18 banking education program campaign. 

Year: 2017
General Creative Director: Eduardo Novión
Brand Leader: Fernanda Monett
Account Executive: Francisca Vidal
Creative Director: Enrique Sudy
Creative Supervisor: Juan Vargas 👋
Copywriting: Gastón Nova
Art Direction: Samuel Lombardo, Jaime Riquelme

Production House: 4Litros
Executive Producer: Raúl del Villar
Director: Héctor Contreras

Animation: Leyenda

People doesn't like when brands tell them how to do things, and way less when we talk about money, users think they know how they can use it's money and how to take care of it, so with this campaign we just wanted to tell them just what this program is and how it works.

Take a look at the campaign here:

Thanks for watching.
BancoEstado - En Fácil y En Chileno