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— Services Global Campaign

Marca Chile is the organization responsible for promoting Chile’s image around the world by coordinating efforts in all those areas that make significant contributions to the country’s image, such as culture, sports, exports, services, investment, tourism and international relations, among others.

Chile have a reputation as a trustworthy partner, well­ integrated at the international level, having created open and dynamic networks admired for their stability and dependability at critical moments. Diversity, tradition, progress and trustworthiness. Those words are our believe. Building a country is a collective challenge. It is a task that calls for all the riches and diversity that is Chile to be combined into a symbol that communicates to the world the vitality of an entire country, thereby opening up a path for more and better opportunities.

TBWA\Chile was tasked with creating the global campaign for the 2017/18 services campaign. 

Year: 2017
General Creative Director: Eduardo Novión
General Planning Director: Gabriel Jefferies
Digital Director: Jorge Labra
Brand Leader: Lyonel Sinclair
Account Executive: María Eugenia Amaro
Creative Supervisor: Juan Vargas 👋
Copywriting: Gastón Nova
Art Direction: Samuel Lombardo, Jaime Riquelme
Executive Producers: Patricia Navarrete, Eugenio Segura
Production House: Ojo de Buey
Director: Esteban Cabezas

Photography: Nacho Rojas
Retouch: Estudio FE

Web development: MEAT

People don't trust brands anymore. Nowadays, when they want to know if a product is good, it's all about references, ratings, and recommendations. That's why we made a campaign based entirely on what the rest of the world have to say about us.

Take a look at the campaign here:

Spanish Version:


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