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Wet Rocks Flash Games
My Client:  Lava Web Creations

Tasks: Programming, Animation
Lava Web Creations (now Wolf Interactive), designed a set of three games as part of an education initiative on ground water health. I was contracted to take the static designs, refine the intended game mechanics and program and animate the games.

Tectonic Island asks players to balance tourism and water availability.
Bots & Bores asks players to defend and repair water bores from destructive robots.
Gnasty Gnomes requires the player to flick away gnomes that are set on polluting the ground water.

Bots and bores requires the user to swipe the cursor across the robot to inflict damage on it before it inflicts damage on the bore.

Gnasty Gnomes showed interesting differences in play-ability using a mouse vs a trackpad. In today's gaming environments, games like this are often made specifically for touchscreen devices and would suffer less from these usability differences.