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My Client:  Lava Web Creations

Tasks: Programming, Interaction Design, Animation
Lava Web Creations (Now Wolf Interactive) contracted me to develop this interactive flash website. Designed before touch screens, the user is able to navigate through multiple decades and categories, scrolling with mouse movement and and clicks.

Lava designed the site and implemented the backend and content. I programmed the front end and designed the interactivity and animation.

The user can scroll back and forth at various speeds intuitively through mouse position and clicking various items trigger dynamically created page flips to display the information with navigational context.

Great care was taken to design just the right algorithm for mouse controlled scrolling. The user can easily scroll fast, slow, change directions or stop on a dime.

When closing a section and going back to the scrollable area, the mouse position's influence is dampened for a time so that the page doesn't suddenly start scrolling based on unintended positioning.

Multiple images, tabs, and sections are all loaded in the background and made available to the user seamlessly. Transitions are design to be fluid between sections, during tag filtering, and even upon using the search function.