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migo - smart devices for dogs
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Separation anxiety is a problem that strikes most domestic dogs today. The problem affects dogs and their owners, leading to high levels of stress, physical and emotional exhaustion, home damage and in many cases abandonment of the dog. 
Many young residents of large urban centers do not see themselves able to have dogs because they spend all day away from home, and don't want to leave the dog alone sad and stressed, and maybe destroying the house while they are away.
Migo is a conceptual proposal that targets this problem.

During the research, I talked to trainers and many dog owners.
At this phase, I discovered a lot about how the problem is handled by dog behaviorists and trainers, and how the owners treat anxiety on their own in their homes.
Many pain points have been identified in the relationship between owners and their dogs while away and at other stressful moments.

"Training the owners is just as important as training the dogs."

"Canids are animals of assertive energy, they are always calm and attentive to surprise the hunt. When the owner arrives and makes much fuss, dogs feel that they have lost something that has happened. When the owner leaves and demonstrates sadness and tries to calm the dog, they feel powerless because they can't go along with the owner in the quest."

"Barking, howls and urinating are ways of trying to reorganize the pack. So when the owner comes back at the end of the day it means that the dog's job has been successful and he/she should continue to bark, howl and urinate when the owner leaves again."

Here are some of the dogs researched, combining a variety of breeds, sizes, ages and home environments

The concept:

migo is an iot system that connects the owner to their dog to minimize the separation anxiety through remote interaction

Migo is a nickname for "amigo", a word that means "friend" in Portuguese and Spanish. Migo is an affectionate way of calling your friends, it's a simple and sweet word.
The brand follows the same idea, with simple, easy to read, rounded shapes. The yellow and blue are friendly colors that refer to the spectrum of color seen by the dogs, who do not see in black and white as many of us still think, but a variation of yellow and blue shades.

The iot system is composed of 4 products.
a collar, a camera/speaker, a door sensor, and a smart socket.
All products communicate via Bluetooth.
The Collar has tracking system, temperature sensor, heart rate monitor, audio output and LED flashlight.
The Camera/Speaker has audio input and output and motion sensor.
The Smart Socket has audio output and receives signals from the other products to turn on and off the devices connected to it.
The Door Sensor communicates with the other devices when it is moved.

here are 3 scenarios to explain the interaction between products:

the entire system is connected to an app where the user can monitor their dog's activity, his emotional state and interact through the camera/speaker

when noticing movements at night the LED flashlight of the Collar lights up, assisting the dog in his night walk

the camera rotates to have a larger viewing angle or direct the speaker to the environment

migo - smart devices for dogs

migo - smart devices for dogs

migo is an iot system that connects the owner to their dog to minimize the separation anxiety through remote interaction. The iot system is comp Read More


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