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ohc - Home Breath Analysis
Industrial Design
Breath analysis has been one of the hottest research themes in medical diagnosis for the past decades, and with the introduction of new technologies, it could play an important role in introducing healthcare at people’s homes.
Thinking about the theme, I decided to explore the different aspects of introducing a monitoring/diagnosis medical device into people’s houses in a humane-non-medical way. How can we create desirability and initiate conversations via a product that tracks your health?

For many years, most public health organizations’ goal has been to take healthcare to patients’ homes. Early diagnosis, monitoring, and guided treatment at home could take the load off the health systems suffering from aging populations. Patient education and the introduction of new technologies will be the main factors for this strategy’s success. With the eminent miniaturization of breath analysis devices, there’s a great opportunity to introduce this technology to people’s everyday life.
But how can we introduce desirability into a monitoring medical device?

New developments such as Field Asymetric Ion Mobility Spectrometry (FAIMS) and Cavity Enhanced Absorption Apectroscopy
(CEAS), allow for the miniaturization of breath analyzers
During the ideation and prototyping phase, my focus was on designing a desirable product, away from the medical device aesthetics. I experimented with a wide range of form factors, testing ergonomy, and “display-factor.” I wanted to achieve with simple shapes, a product that stands out, feels comfortable, but at the same time, blends into the environment.
The docking station was conceptualized to protect the device’s mouthpiece, keeping it away from dust. The device is charged via induction, and the overall vertical form factor of the assembled set is thought to give a sculptural feel - adding to the non-medical feel of the solution.
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ohc - Home Breath Analysis