Mobile Phone Symbiosis
Mobile phones have emerged as an essential item of modern life. It is almost impossible to find an individual without one. Mobile Phone Symbiosis is about investigating what such a powerful and pervasive computer can be used to beyound its original purpose. Embedded sensors have delivered a smartphone that is a navigation system, compass, torch light, Personal Digital Assitant, etc etc. Applications have allowed us to personalise and extend the functions and usages of the device. This project is about investigating add-on devices that expand the smartphone. It is about the design of a telephone extension in the form of a symbiotic addition. The Symbiotic relationship can be either mutualism, commensalism or parasitism.
Mind Map 1
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Mood Board on Persona
Mood-board on Product Area

This is the mood board for our initial thoughts into the project. We've been looking specifically into the future of technology and exploring further into the circuits and electronics. When thinking about all of this, this is how it made us feel.
Existing Products

When deciding on what kind of accessory to go for we discovered that this would be very difficult as it appears that everything has been done before.Our first initial idea was to design an alcohol breathalyser accessory so students could keep track of how much alcohol they are consuming on a night out. We looked into existing products and patents in this area and unsurprisingly we discovered that this has been done before. So we wanted an idea that was original, innovative and 'outside the box' and we came up with the idea of a bionic contact lens that has the capability of displaying the user's smartphone notifications infront of their eye.
Initial Concepts
Initial Concepts
Initial Concepts
Storyboard Explaining the Issue
Mobile Phone Symbiosis