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    This project was set as a group, in which we had to decide our own persona. Once we had chosen our persona, we had to come up with a product that… Read More
    This project was set as a group, in which we had to decide our own persona. Once we had chosen our persona, we had to come up with a product that would help that person out, without the use of a mobile phone/app, so that it has a more physical/mechanical approach to it. Rather than a more app based approach from your smartphone. Our idea that we came up with, is a device that the elderly woman can use, to view and remember her past memories such as photos and videos from her past. But has the added features of looking at the news and weather. Read Less
Initial Idea
Initial Concept 1 
Initial Concept 2
Memories Video to capture Product
Storyboard of Client
Model Prototype
Visual Board of Design
Side View
CAD Model of Design
View from Inside
Final Video of Product
Group Contribution
Self-Assessmentfor Digital Eco-Systems

I feel thatthe digital eco-system brief that was set, was an interesting topic, anddifferent to what I have been set before. Due to this, the group and I took adifferent approach to the brief via a misunderstanding. Because of this, itlead to three weeks of work being wasted, and only 5 days till the finaldeadline. This meant our moral dropped after creating a great idea and thenbeing told at the last week it was wrong. Luckily it was boosted afterorganising a meeting with Ben Salem, our lecturer. Who gave us some pointersand tips in what to look in to, which got us back in the mood and we acceptedthe challenge.

In someways, I found this very rewarding as it made us work more as a team, to also bemore organised in time management to make sure everything was done before wehit the deadline day. This was also important, as we needed an extra day to beready to practice for our final presentation in front of all seven groups.

The workthat we did in the group was all organised, to suit everyone’s needs andskills. Due to the limit of days in the end, our work wasn’t as professionaland detailed as it could have been due to the fact of the amount of work thatneeded, re-doing. As a person, I always want to design in a professional manorto convey my work, so that the client can see clear understanding of what Ihave created and why, with a detail and visual conclusion. But this time, thiscouldn’t be achieved in the timescale, especially with other module projectsgoing on at the same time.

During theproject, my main part was creating all the visual boards apart from the poster,which was mainly created by Alex and Rachael. I worked on creating thestoryboard for a visual image of what the client would do, when using theproduct. I then received the prototype model which I then took images of, tocreate a small A4 sheet with the images on, to give a clear representation ofthe model. I feel I could have done a better job with the model board, as itseems a bit boring. I am impressed with the CAD model that I created fromSolidWorks due to many hours were spent on that. The only criticism I wouldstate on the CAD would be if I had the time, I would have downloaded Keyshotand rendered the model to make it very life-like.

Overall, Ithink we did a great job, for what we achieved in such a short-time, apart frommaybe improving, and presenting our work in a more professional format, such asusing Photoshop and Illustrator to present our concepts and final concepts tomake them more visually appealing.

James Pickard
Group 4
Design 4 Generation