Gendered Virtual Assistants : Data Visualization

Do you want me to be your daddy? What are you wearing? Talk dirty to me.

These are but a few statements that not only real women but even Artificial intelligence deal with on a daily basis. 

Let us explain. 

On a quest to find links between changes in human behavior in the last decade and mobile phones, we discovered some interesting details. Our research began at delving deep into data about advancements in cellular technology, the rise of artificial intelligence and the advent of voice assistance. 
Through discussions,correlation & synthesis - patterns emerged. Our visualization aims to display various stages of information regarding 'Gender and Virtual Assistance'.

And the larger picture.

What has been the gender of the Artificial intelligence in our cinema? How does that relate to the way present-day Artificial Intelligence is designed? How many women help design virtual assistants? What exactly do people say to their Virtual Assistants? And why do they respond the way they do?

Find out below and feel free to interact with the poster.
Gendered Virtual Assistants : Data Visualization