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    Sculpture trilogy created for forthcoming 'Miscreants & Misfits' exhibition, London
Zebediah Zombunny 
More tea, Vicar?

HOOKLEBERRY HOG-SWINE is the grim grunter and beastly brawn in the Hook Hand-Gang. This roguish rasher was once a humble dead hog, swinging on a butchers hook....But he was snatched away and gruesomely brought back to life by the evil necromantic experiments of Dr Frank-Ham-Swine!

The cunning and conniving COUNT GRINGO CATTINGTON, is the third fiendish member of the Hook Hand Gang.
Rumour has it this machiavellian moggy disposed of his estranged relative, the smug Cheshire Cat. And now Gringo proudly parades Cheshire's pearly gnashers as his own!