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    Series of dark narrative paintings for forthcoming exhibition
A selection of finished and in-progress paintings, for my upcoming exhibition 'Twisted Tales'.
Each of these freaks and outcasts have a dark and twisted tale to tell...
This is my happy face!....Beware of clowns bearing gifts
Naive PearThere once was a naïve pear,
Who was simple in the head,
He made friends with a maggot,
And now he’s dead.
Claude Pincher
This freaky crusty crab man, lives by the seaside
He scuttles out for ice cream, whenever its low tide
Paddling merry in rock pools, soaked in summer sunshine,
But beware of his smell, its eau de fish brine.
Little Clara has a runny nose, for years it’s leaked green snot,
Her slimy nasal waterfall drips mucous down her top.
No one sits next to poor Clara; all the kids call her snot face.
So she’s sculpted a bogey buddy to sit in the empty space.
Forlorn Faun 

Tip of the hat to you, tis a splendid Hallows night,
I’ve risen from the ground, to give you all a fright.
For I am Percy Pumpadink, a gent with a ghoulish smell,
I’ll be polite and say hello, then drag your soul to hell.