"99" book
PAN Photo agency and Ucom launched a collaborative project, publishing the "99" book: the Genocide in the eyes of witnesses, historians, genocide experts and our eyes.
...what is the Armenian Genocide?
The mass annihilation of the Armenians which occurred from 1915 to 1923 in the Ottoman Empire and neighboring regions is called the Armenian Genocide. In Armenian, the Genocide is also called the Metz Yerghern ("Great Tragedy") or Aghet ("Catastrophe"). The Armenian Genocide was planned and implemented by the Young Turk government of the Ottoman Empire. The first international reaction to the Armenian Genocide was a joint declaration by France, Russia and Great Britain on 25 May 1915, when the violence against the Armenian people was defined as a "Crime against humanity and civilization". The countries making the declaration considered the Turkish government responsible for this crime. 

"...we are obliged to read some of the narratives that the victims of the Genocide have experienced firs-hand. Sharing their suffering in this way is the very least we can do. If only through silent reading, we must accompany those who were alone and rejected as they made their way to a certain death. They do not need this. We do."

Presentation / 17.04.2014
The book was presented on 17.04.2014 at Armenia's National Center of Chamber Music
- Project Director -
Vahan Stepanyan
- Creative Director -
Gnel Nalbandyan
- Art Director -
Karen Petrosyan
- Editor -
Kristine Kyurklyan
- Technical Editor -
Arkmenik Nikoghosyan
- English translator -
Nazareth Seferian
- Authors -
Suren Manukyan, Sedrak Mkrtchyan, Narek Nikoghosyan
Kristine Kyurklyan, Anna Aghutyan, Liana Doydoyan, Mane Yepremyan
- Photo editor -
Koryun Muradyan
- Illustrations -
Vahagn Hamalbashyan, Davit Yukhanyan
- Turkish translator -
Masis Cherme
- Photo content -
Hrant Khachatryan, Areg Balayan, Sedrak Mkrtchyan, Davit Hakobyan, Ani Tager, Tigran Mehrabyan, Varo Rafayelyan, Vahan Stepanyan, Karo Sahakyan, Artashes Stamboltsyan, Irina Jrbashyan, Mary Shagoyan
99 /a book about the Armenian genocide/