Absolut MoonStage is an electronic music event, organized by PAN.am in cooperation with Absolut. This was a revolutionary event for Armenia for a number of reasons. First, to get an invitation, the guests had to submit an application on a specially designed website, after which, 1000 invitations, which were made of concrete, were delivered to the applicants who were accepted by the face control. Second, the line-up included internationally-known electronic musicians, including: Viken Arman, LUM, Powel, and Jacob Groening. Besides Viken Arman performing as an artist, he was also the musical producer of the event. The opening act was held by Simonian. Another distinctive feature of this happening was the venue: an old 1000-sq/m printing house which was abandoned after the collapse of the Soviet Union, and was first time entered after undergoing an immense transformation from a huge industrial area to one of the most important performance venues of Yerevan.

Team: Vahan Stepanyan, Galust Stepanyan, Arkadz Sahakyan, Edgar Davtyan, Narek Hovhannisyan, Vahe Almoyan, Ara Aslanyan, Suren Sargsyan, Artyom Papoyan, Rimma Bekirska, Vahan Hovhannisyan, Sona Ignatosyan, Elena Khachvankyan, Victor Mkrtchyan, Arik Chatinyan, Nush Ghazaryan, Aram Kirakosyan, Davit Nersisyan, Karo Sahakyan, Serj Simonian
The venue
An old Soviet-era printing house. Abandoned and never entered after the collapse of the USSR.
Special website for registration
Application > Face control > Invitation
1000 elects. 1000 concrete-made invitations delivered to the guests in three days.
Specially designed photoroom for the guests, where photos were taken with a 100-years-old camera. 
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Staff clothing
SMM content
1000 guests. 10 hours of music. 1 day.
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