A view at the floating forest.
In the heart of Rotterdam floads an unique structure. The Floating Pavilion is not only special because of its looks. It is most of all climate change resilient, innovative, and sustainable. The pavilion is a pilot and a catalyst for floating construction in Rotterdam. It consists of three interlinked spheres, the largest of which has a radius of 12 meters. In this large Sphere stands a small building with a green roof. At least that was the idea. Because the sphere acts like a hothouse the moss, planted on top of the structure died in the fist months, after it was build.
We used a dyed Icelandic moss to give the roof a green look again. At the same time the moss works as a acoustic silencer. So it don't only looks nice, it also tempers the noise, making it a better experience.
Overview of the largest spheres.
Old green vs New green.
Work in progress.
A view from the nest.
End result.
A green hill.
The floating pavilion.