Tank Attack 2D is top-down 2D shooter created using Microsoft's XNA framework.

Control your tank and destroy as many enemy red tanks as possible, utilising power ups such as a four-way laser attack, plasma balls that bounce off the play area and can kill multiple enemies or power up your normal attack with rapid fire. Watch out for the mega tanks!

Xbox 360 Controller:

Left thumbstick - Move
Right thumbstick - Fire

Right shoulder button - Fire smartbomb
 Code snippets

 Because I'm selling this on the Xbox Live Indie Games marketplace I do not want to release full source code so here are parts of it.
Solution explorer. This shows the classes my game is made up of.
Updates normal enemy AI.
Updates each particle.
Initialize method for a particle inside Particle class.
Methods for adding projectiles and player firing. (Initialization from projectile class) 
Xbox controller processing.

File I/O, saving data.
File I/O, loading data.
Collision detection for projectiles against enemy.
Waypoint and update methods inside the AI class.