Selected projects Summer 2017
1. Shortlist Magazine
This illustration is accompanied a short fiction story about two people meeting over some lost luggage. The narrative followed a kind of film noir path so I tried to explore this through use of light and dark.
Here's some of the working drawings.
Dallas Observer
This series of six illustrations was produced for an annual compendium of things to do in Dallas.

This first one was the cover. The brief was to produce six retro futuristic images of the future heading up each section. ​​​​​​​
Nightlife & Music
Spot the obvious Jodorowsky's Holy Mountain reference.
Shopping & Services
There's a very loose reference to the Animatrix 'Second Renaissance part 1 in here somewhere.
Arts & Culture
Sports & Recreation
Food & Drink
This image was made for Taxline magazine, the feature was about A.I. and how discusses its potential threat to jobs in the financial sector. Cue robot commuters.