Selected projects Spring 2018
Nature Magazine. A Gripping problem. The biggest challenge in Robotics today is designing effective gripping and grasping hands. To date there is no ultimate solution, just different designs being effective in different specialist areas.
Economia Magazine. For an article about career opportunities for disabled people. 
01 Magazin. Future Farms and what one might look like. Lots of autonomous tractors, 3D printed barns and wind power.
This is the first of five images made for an annual report for Turkish car hire company called DRD.  This is the cover, the company celebrated 20 years of business so the idea was to create something that gave a nod to that but also looked to the future.
DRD covers all areas of Car hire/purchase, this illustration focuses on their OneCar service
Managing your fleet of cars
Driver alertness course
Getting busy back at headquarters.
Anti Gun Project. Spot the hidden guns. There's two of them.
These are two illustrations from an original series of four that were made for Lazer Vision for the UAE's national day. They were projected onto skyscrapers so they had to work large scale. I made these in the depths of a cold British winter so it was good making something sunny in the absence of sun.
I worked with the lovely guys at 93 to make this poster for Eroica-Limburg
Alas this was never meant to be, this was going to be a poster for a science fiction play loosely based on the Rieman Hypothesis. 
I made this for In Touch Ministries, a faith based publication based in the US. It's about the concept of 'Self Love' so it was advised to tread carefully so as nobody got the wrong idea. The figure meditating on the her knee was removed as it was felt it pertained to Buddhism but i've left it in here as i think it rather ties the room together .