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    Website mockup for a local cancer hospital and research center.
Roswell Park Site Mockup
I'm working on a project to create updated web mockups for various local businesses.
My first mockup is for Roswell Park Cancer Institute.

Roswell Park's current website makes use of a fun color palette and a compelling video banner. The focus of the home page is to connect site visitors with information, hence the two areas to search/select treatments above the fold.

My design keeps all the elements that are on Roswell Park's current site, but incorporates more of their heading font (used in many of their print advertisements/fliers) and more of their color palette throughout the page.

Another large focus should be on the mobile site experience. Mobile is quickly dominating the web experience, so ease-of-use and readability on small screens should definitely be considered when designing a page layout.

My mobile layout tidies up a lot of elements while keeping them easily clickable (in the case of buttons and selectors) and keeps content easy to read.
All text and images courtesy of Roswell Park Cancer Institute